Update: Mat has teamed up with fellow Engineer and Producer Paul Mack to open a new studio for optimized workflow and flexibility on your new music or film project: the-mpl.com

I am a producer, engineer, and drummer based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over the years I have worked in the fields of sound engineering, sound technology, production, performing, and songwriting. These, coupled with my abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, allow me to communicate and perform across a variety of skill sets.

My work has helped artists enjoy features on networks such as MTV and Oxygen, as well as achieve FM and XM radio exposure, reaching a worldwide audience of millions.

Outside of the studio, I spend my time pursuing another passion: teaching. I am a professor at Durham College, where I teach Audio Capture and Audio Post Production.

The music and audio industries have gone through major changes in the last couple of decades, with globalization being one of the major ones. Thankfully, what this means for you as a music creator, is that you are no longer stuck working with the closest studio just because they are the only ones within driving distance with a tape machine. Today you get to choose who you work with regardless of how far they are. Equipment quality and availability has also gone up, meaning that anybody can buy a new microphone or a shiny console.

At the end of the day, many people know how to record. What keeps people coming to me is that they trust me and know I will get the job done. Of course, getting great sounds doesn’t hurt either.

Finally, feel free to browse around the site, for more info on all of the features, services and cool stuff I have to offer.

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Producer Producer

Making music happen.
From concept to final product.


Engineer Engineer

Recording, mixing, mastering, and everything in between.


Drummer Drummer

Live, studio, sequencing. Kit and percussion.