What I Do

You have music in you that you want everyone to hear. Maybe you have a few basic ideas in mind, or maybe you can already hear the entire finished piece in your head. Now you want it in everyone else’s head as well.
As a producer, I have the training, experience, and tools to turn your musical ideas, emotions, and aspirations into a reality that everyone from major airplay listeners to your friends and family can hear and enjoy.

When working together we will sit down and discuss every element of your music, and what you want it to be. I am a trained and unbiased ear that can help with arrangement, instrumentation, lyrics, vocal / instrumental coaching, budgeting, rehearsals, genre appropriation, harmony construction, the list goes on and on. In addition to production, I am also a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. This gives me a deeper understanding of your music from different perspectives. Not solely that of a producer, but as a fellow musician.

In short: I know what to do (and what not to do) to help you make your tracks sound great. I take care of the production so you can concentrate on what’s really important: the music.


There is no single “right way” to make a record. You don’t even have to be making a full record for that matter. My work as a producer is as flexible as your art. I don’t have a formula to bang out tracks. Instead, I work with you to figure out what the music needs. Maybe your track needs the pristine quality of a large-format recording studio. Or maybe your music is better off recorded in a barn through a 4-track tape recorder. The options are endless, and we are going to find the ones that best compliment your music.


In addition to knowing how to incorporate a variety of diverse elements into your music, I also have the means to make it happen. Throughout my years as a producer, I have forged close relationships with some of the best studios, equipment providers, and session musicians in Toronto and around the world. This opens up even more possibilities when it comes to both sounds and prices. Need a trumpet recorded through a rare 30 year-old ribbon microphone in a large acoustically treated space? No problem. Really want a soulful Delta Blues harmonica player on your track? I can make that happen, too. You can even tell me which part of the Delta you want this guy to be from.