If you are looking for great sounding recordings you’ve come to the right place. Whether in my own facility, or a studio of your choice, I always get the best sounds for the production. I also take care of further processing, editing, and otherwise manipulating the audio until it’s just right, whatever your “right” happens to be.

Remote Recording

In addition to my own facility, I run a portable rig that turns any space into a high resolution, multi-track recording studio.

So if you’ve always wanted to record in that abandoned church you grew up by, or just really like the way your rehearsal space sounds, you can record right there with no compromise. These remote recordings are then taken to a studio for further processing, mixing, and mastering.


When the multi-track recording process is done, it takes a good cook to take all of your recorded ingredients and combine them into a delicious meal. Forgoing the aforementioned metaphor for another; if you ask me, the mix process is where “movie magic” happens and the song really comes to life. I work tirelessly in an acoustically tuned facility with some of the best analog and digital tools in the business to make sure every element of the track sounds just right and sits exactly where it should in the mix.

International Mixing

Thanks to the wonders of our good friend, the internet, I get to mix music and film audio for artists, filmmakers, and labels from places such as Canada, USA, South Korea, Australia, Russia, France, and Israel, just to name a few. No matter where you are in the world, you can send me your master tracks and let me worry about the mix. I can then send you revisions and tweak your song until it sounds just right. There may be miles between us, but that won’t stop the music (that was pretty lame).


Mastering is the last stage of the recording process, where your music is made sonically consistent and competitive for today’s music market. It is in this stage that your songs are made “radio ready”. Not concerned about radio? Mastering is still vital, in order to ensure that your songs sound as good as possible on all mediums from high-end studio monitors to consumer ear-buds. On a full album release, the mastering process ensures that all songs are sonically compatible with each other and sound like part of one piece. Mastering also prepares your music for online distribution as well as physical pressing such as CDs and vinyl.

I offer quick and affordable mastering services from anywhere in the world for 2-track mastering and stem-mastering alike. So you can finally release your best-sounding music to the world.