Good and reliable drummers are hard to come by. Maybe your solo project doesn’t have a drummer. Or maybe your band’s drummer is being a drama queen. Either way, if you’re looking for drums, you have come to the right place.

I have been playing drums on stage and in the studio for nearly 20 years. I play in a variety of styles from metal, to pop, to hip hop, rock, to funk and everything in between. I am also a versatile percussionist with emphasis on Latin and African percussion. In additional to live performing, my other skills as a recording engineer and producer open up many drumming possibilities for all project sizes and budgets.


With my recording engineering background and access to a variety of studios in the greater Toronto area, I can rehearse, record, and deliver your world-class drum tracks whether you are with me in the studio, or halfway across the world.


A reliable and professional drummer is one less thing for you to worry about at your live gigs. Enough said.


In addition to playing, I also write drum parts for a variety of different genres and work with artists and producers to bring their drum compositions to life.

Virtual Drums

If for any reason (artistic, budgetary, geographic) recording acoustic drums is not a favourable option, I offer high-end, ultra-realistic, multi-track virtual drum recording. I could either program these virtual drums, such as in the case of drum machines, or, I could perform drum parts on a high-quality electric drum kit for an extremely realistic and human feel. Ghost notes, room mics, mic bleed, and snare buzz make this option a close second only to the real thing.